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"You can't think that something will not happen because
you have never seen it happen in the past"
Nicolas Taleb - The Black swan

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Our approach: think globally, act locally

Country Partners

Founder of Executive Modus (2005) - one of the first Bulgarian-owned executive search firms, based in Sofia, with proven experience in BoD, CEO/MD, CXO, Department Heads searches across various industry sectors.

Irina Ivanova

Both by a local and an international network and experience in the Recruiting and Executive Search business across Czech and Slovak Republic, with a focus on FMCG, Retail, Distribution, Finance and Pharma business. His Company, KVS Group, brings a 20 years story of success in Prague.

Czech Rep. & Slovak Rep.
Pavel Kveton

After 22 years in the Executive Search industry, as Partner in major European and International key players, Stephane is now Managing Partner of Deviolaine & Mc Cormick, a boutique consultancy firm he founded, based in Paris, with International coverage. Stephane provides tailor-made approach to a wide range of worldwide and local companies.

Stephane Lehideux

Over than 10 years of previous experience as Sales & Marketing Executive in multinational Companies such as Siemens AG with a WW vision, in the Executive Search business from 2007 ad actually Founder of Fair Executive in Germany, based in Munich.

Denis Jeanson

Over 25 years in Insurance, Real Estate and Tourism as Corporate Legal and Extraordinaries Transactions Director. In the Executive Search business from 2011 and actually GM for Soges Executive in Italy, is the Founding Partner of Soges Glocal Search.

Fabio Gardellini

In the Middle & Top Management and Executive Search business from 2008, Partner of Soges Executive in Italy, with main experience in GM, Finance and Sales Management searches. Member of the Board of AIDP (Italian Association for HR Direction) in N/W Italy.

ITALY - SGS Business Development
Alessio Cini

Over 20 years of experience in the Executive Search Business. Earlier in prestigious international brands such as Russell Reynolds and Hudson Global Resources, currently an independent Executive Search Senior Advisor with his own firm, Ambroziak Consulting, based in Warsaw.

Marek Ambroziak

Founders and Owners of EPIC Business Human Strategy, established in 2011 and based in Budapest, both Adevia and Alina have got a previous pluriannual expertise too in the HR Direction of multinational Companies such as GlaxoSmithKline.

Alina Bebia and Davia Argesanu

Over 20 years of experience as HR Manager, in Italy and Italian Switzerland, in Tourism and Services sectors, her experience in the Middle & Top Management and Executive Search businesses begins in 2014, helping Soges Executive in building-up their Branch in Lugano.

Switzerland - Canton Ticino

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